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  • Our Story
    At The Skinny Juicery, we dream of a healthy community where cleansing programs are available to everyone: from the busiest power player to the steady Sally out there. So we jot down our goals and created The Skinny Juicery – Cleanse Skinnies featuring six, 12-ounce 100% pure, fresh, nutrient packed pressed juice.
Our Story


Cleanse Kits

Shop Skinny Cleanse Kit + Intensities that are flexible and super customizable cleanse programs for your taste and enjoyment!

Cleanse Kits
How a Cleanse works?

Make the Most out of your Skinny Cleanse

How a Cleanse works?

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Delivery Guidelines

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    Delivery Guidelines

    1. Decide on the Skinny Juice Menu the type of cleanse and the number of days (1-3) and the starting date of your cleanse
    2. At least 2 business days before your chosen cleanse date, kindly e-mail/text/vibe us an order form here
    3. Order Confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail/SMS once all details are finalized.
    4. After receiving the Order Confirmation, make the payment at least 2 business days before your cleanse and e-mail/iMessage/Viber us a copy of the proof of payment (e.g. deposit slip).
    5. A Payment Confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail once the payment has been verified
    6. Your order will be delivered before your cleanse date. If there are changes to your order, please do so on or before 12NN the day before your delivery date. Please don’t forget to hand over the deposit slip to the third party courier for accounting purposes.
    7. Your order will come with a The Skinny Juicery guide on how to consume your Skinny Juices Please read and follow instructions carefully. Your order must be consumed within 24-36 hours after delivery.
    8. Should you have any questions not answered in our FAQs, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.